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Insurance Plans

All major insurances accepted, including Medicare and Medicaid.

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Handling Your Healthcare Needs

Being involved with FDA research, we are able to offer innovative treatment modalities to patients that are not available to other wound centers.  Participating in research is independent of any insurance billing and we are able to take care of patients that do not have any insurance.  If you do not have any insurance, please call to see if you qualify for participation in our ongoing research studies.

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Extensive Medical Care

Three Rivers Wound and Hyperbaric Center accepts all insurance policies including mediaid. Regardless of what level or how large the plan is, all patients are covered.  Patients may need a referral from their primary physician.  Please call to inquire.

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Comprehensive Health Coverage

Please contact you insurance agent if you have any questions regarding your insurance plan.

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Handling Your Healthcare Needs

Axes offers some of the most comprehensive health insurance plans available. We accept patients with any form of this coverage. Get in touch with your insurance representative to learn more.

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